Introducing JOYCce

Introducing Your JOYce from Rauch. Your style for your furniture. Hundreds of combinations available. Available instore now. Let us help you design your perfect bedroom.

This is what yourJOYce offers

  • Boundless variety of freely selectable colours and styles.
  • Sustainable production. Made in Germany. 10 years warranty.

Your wardrobe – you decide…

  • Type of cabinet (single or corner cabinet), width (50 to 400 cm) and height (222 or 236 cm)
  • Cabinet doors: Classic hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors
  • Cabinet body and front: materials, colours and matching handles
  • Interior: Clothes lift, mesh baskets, trouser racks, jewellery insert and much more.

Just try it out in our online configurator!

Your chest of drawers – the choice is yours…

  • Size and division from many different variants
  • Chest of drawers look: materials and colours plus matching handles and feet

Design it yourself in the online configurator!

Your bed – you choose…

  • Material and colour of the headboard
  • Colour and height of the bed frame
  • Matching feet

More information directly in store at M J Bird & Son


Sleep used to be for wimps – now, it’s become the ultimate status symbol. As evidence grows that a good night’s rest is essential for health, happiness and success, we’ve become a nation obsessed with the quantity and quality of our slumber.

Sales of mattresses and beds rose by 4.5 per cent last year, according to the International Sleep Products Association. We’re investing more time – and money – than ever on luxurious bedding and calming bedroom furniture and lighting, in a bid for optimal comfort.

The tech industry has woken up to the sleep boom, too, with hundreds of apps and wearable monitors to monitor our sleep cycles now available. The latest incarnations are smart pillows, such as the Zeeq, launched on Kickstarter this summer, which tracks your movements during the night, vibrates to nudge you if you’re snoring, and has speakers inside so you can fall asleep to your favourite, relaxing music. Increasing numbers of companies are installing ‘nap pods’ to allow employees to grab a snooze when their creativity is ebbing.

The trend has no doubt been helped by leading business figures such as Arianna Huffington championing the need for more, better sleep – in her recent book, The Sleep Revolution, she described how transforming her habits to ensure she got eight hours a night made her “a better leader”.

In today’s wellness-obsessed culture, cavalier, macho attitudes to sleep seem out-of-date: Donald Trump’s erratic behaviour has been linked by some to the fact he reportedly gets by on four hours a night.

We sell hundreds of mattresses every year and there’s nothing better than coming into a shop and talking to one of our very experienced staff who will offer impartial advice advice across all our ranges. Our staff are specially trained to help people choose what’s best for them. Being able to get everything for a bedroom under one roof is our strength.”

For beautifully made bedroom furniture, look no further than The Old Mill. We have over 30 different collections for you to choose from so you’re bound to find your perfect dream bedroom.

The bedroom is the one room in the house where you can be truly indulgent…it is your own space to relax and enjoy.

Furnishing and decorating your bedroom is without doubt one of the most personal forms of expression that you can undertake in your home. It’s is all about your own personal taste and discovering your particular individual style – therefore, it is almost impossible to offer a hard and fast set of rules.

What is important is that your bedroom reflects you and your personality that’s why we have made sure we have plenty of choice both in style and price.

Think about what you want from the bedroom – is it a cool, calm space or a more dynamic and sumptuous room? Once you know what type of environment you would like to create, you can then choose the right style for you.

Accessories are a wonderfully easy way of bringing colour and pattern into a space and can be changed seasonally to reflect the seasons. For the final touch perhaps add a silk quilt or wool throw in the cooler months and colourful cushions in the spring.

Pop in and have a look at our bedroom collections from Kingstown, Corndell’s Annecy Range, Willis & Gambier’s Malvern Range, SJ units and Welcome.

Willis & Gambier Malvern Range 1    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 08.56.33  Willis & Gambier Malvern Range wardrobe    Willis & Gambier Malvern Range Bed 2




Marlow is a classic collection of stylish dining, living and bedroom furniture from Frank Hudson.

With the contrast of soft grey paint finish and solid mellow oak tops, and with its subtle hint of white in the grain, this easy to like collection will enhance your home with it’s modern, rustic charm.

Frank Hudson established his company in 1947 and the business has been making fine furniture ever since. Three generations of family have guided the business, designing and creating classically crafted furniture which can be found in homes and hotels all over the world.

Marlow Bedside 3 Drawer Cabinet
W500 x D450 x H655mm

Marlow 4 Drawer Chest
W1000 x D480 x H915mm

drawer   marlow chest