Carpet & Flooring Terms and Conditions

Carpets and fitting will be listed on your invoice. If you require additional fitting services, for example; uplift and dispose of old floor covering, carpet edge whipping etc., these can be agreed with the store and/or fitter in advance and quoted and charged for separately.

If you have opted for our ‘uplift and removal’ service, we will remove your old flooring and all offcuts and packaging from your new flooring. If you have decided not to opt for this service, it is your responsibility to uplift your existing flooring prior to the fitters arrival. The fitter will then bag up any carpet remnants from your new flooring and leave them for you to dispose of. If you would like to keep any offcuts, please advise your fitter upon arrival at your home.

We respectfully request that customers uplift and remove old bathroom & toilet floor coverings and clean, before our fitters come to lay new floor coverings.

We reserve the right to refuse to carry out work.

The fitters can move large empty furniture from your room if previously agreed. Please ensure that these items contents are cleared prior to the fitting date to avoid any delays or inconvenience with your fitting. This does not include white or electrical goods or items over 4ft in height. This is undertaken at the customers own risk.

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance. This is not part of the standard fitting and you will need to arrange for your own joiner. Fitters may remove doors to facilitate fitting and have them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to carry out the trimming and re-hanging. We are also unable to remove fire doors and so arrangements should be made prior to the fitting date.

Fitting appointments are made in good faith but the exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival, but you can be assured that the fitters will do their very best to complete your work even if it exceeds the expected time allocation.

Fitters undertake to carry out their work with skill and care, but even with the greatest care home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. New paintwork and wallpaper is especially vulnerable and should be allowed to fully dry. A minimum of two weeks is recommended. Neither we nor any fitter undertake to carry out any redecoration, except where damage has been caused by that person’s negligence.