Design from the heart to make a statement.

Anyone can build a house, but it takes more than a physical structure to make a home. Creating a home requires an emotional attachment to your abode. The thought of it should evoke a sense of joy, calmness and serenity. Your home should remind you of quality time with those you love, allow you to relax in harmony and represent your personal interests and style.

When designing a room, remember to stay true to the feelings you want to evoke. Play with colours and textures to create a mood or theme for your space. Keeping this mood in mind throughout the design process will help turn an everyday space into a topic of conversation.

Find out what it is that makes YOU happy. Maybe you have fond adolescent memories of family holidays to the coast and spa blues with silk textures help you almost feel the salt in the air. Or perhaps you loved the days spent at your grandmother’s home and an art deco wall clock preserves a piece of your history. Bringing a personal connection to life through a theme or statement piece injects joy and wonder to your daily living.

To enhance the conversation-evoking qualities of a room, factor in the unexpected. Select a focal point, such as metallic throw pillows or a chandelier made from recycled bottles to catch one’s eye as they walk in. Think outside the box with colours. Play with bright hues such as lime green for a cheerful space or mix in blacks for a more dramatic feel.

Once you’ve found your inspiration do a lighting test to make sure your ideas work in the actual space. Pay particularly close attention to the natural lighting as it is one of the most important design elements. If the lighting washes out a statement colour or a metallic accent creates a blinding glare, it’s best to go a different route. The natural sunshine coming in should cause a sense of serenity.

As you go through the design process remember to listen to your heart to select the themes and elements that speak to you and your family.

Not only will your home provide a sense of balance, but will make an authentic statement about who you are and will bring you bliss every time you open the front door.

And of course, family is truly what makes a home.


If storage is tight, opt for a storage version of a footstool or ottoman, ideal for stowing away children’s toys, magazines or DVDs.

Smaller square-shaped footstools set on castors help with manoeuvrability or mini cubes can be pulled up to an armchair as a footrest or used to provide an additional seat for guests.

Fender stools tend to be long and thin and as the name suggests would traditionally have been used close to the hearth. We think they look wonderful pushed up close to the foot of a bed as a convenient place to sit.

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Newly arrived in our showroom from Willis and Gambier whose core values are to produce beautifully designed furniture using appropriate woods and a mixture of solid and veneered finishes to offer the customer long lasting furniture at affordable prices.

With over 135 ranges created over the last three years they are now a global company with a well established reputation for excellent quality and service.

Malvern Dining is a fresh take on a casual dining range that delicately follows the character of country styling, created out of solid Birch and Birch veneers. This, combined with solid oak tops and beautifully painted bodies brings a subtle contemporary twist to a traditionally rustic inspired range.

Available to order in 15 paint finishes, we have the hallway table, 2 door sideboard and nest of tables on display and will soon be taking delivery of dining table and chairs. The whole range can be ordered in any colour.

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