April 11th, 2016

New cushions and throws to dress up your rooms!


Tips for choosing soft furnishing and fabrics to bring some personality to your room.

Step 1: Start with a fabric you love and then worry about what to do with it. Whatever you choose, this will form the basis of your colour palette for the room and gives you something to build on.

Step 2: Use pattern to pick up colours. Patterned fabrics are great for dressing up a room and giving it a fresh look.

Step 3: Texture is important when building a room because it adds homely ‘layers’ and movement. It’s also an interesting way to keep the colour palette flowing throughout, without making it too uniform.

Step 4: Take a step back. You don’t want to walk into a room and feel like your head might explode because there’s too much going on. A successful room needs to have balance. Too much of one colour, pattern or texture and a room can look busy.

Experiment and have fun! You can always change it back again.