Festive soft furnishings…just in time for Christmas!

To make a house a home finishing touches are needed. These finishing touches come in the form of home accessories, which tell the story about you and allow you to really express yourself.

For a fresh seasonal change, decorative cushions and throws will add an instant festive feel to your home, or you could invest in a new floor rug or mat to instantly change the look and feel of a room whilst keeping your toes cosy at the same time.

An instant and inexpensive way to update your home is to add decorative throws and cushions, which is why we love our new collection of soft furnishings, especially the Christmassy ones.


Gallery christmas cushions gallery faux silk silver gallery harper cushion charcoal gallery joy cushion gallery Kilburn Fur Throw Silver gallery skandi heart cushion red gallery stellan grey throw Gallery_Direct_Skandi_Heart_Cushion_in_Red_2 stag-all-over-printed-cushion~69D192FRSP

Our home accessory collections are going down a storm and some of our new ranges bring a refreshing style for your home.

Mirror mirror on the wall…use mirrors to give the illusion of space, accentuate proportions, bounce around light and add glamour to a room. A brilliant way to bring your colour scheme together as well as add extra depth to a room,

Let there be light… use table lighting to create ambiance and atmosphere.

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Tips for choosing soft furnishing and fabrics to bring some personality to your room.

Step 1: Start with a fabric you love and then worry about what to do with it. Whatever you choose, this will form the basis of your colour palette for the room and gives you something to build on.

Step 2: Use pattern to pick up colours. Patterned fabrics are great for dressing up a room and giving it a fresh look.

Step 3: Texture is important when building a room because it adds homely ‘layers’ and movement. It’s also an interesting way to keep the colour palette flowing throughout, without making it too uniform.

Step 4: Take a step back. You don’t want to walk into a room and feel like your head might explode because there’s too much going on. A successful room needs to have balance. Too much of one colour, pattern or texture and a room can look busy.

Experiment and have fun! You can always change it back again.